About Emal Nessary

Since 2005, Emal Nessary has served as operations administrator at the Writers Guild of America, West, Inc. (WGAW), in Los Angeles. In his administrative role, he oversees daily functions at the headquarter building and the Writers Guild Theatre, with responsibility for managing custodial, security, and facility personnel. Emal Nessary frequently consults local and national regulation standards and coordinates with safety committee members to ensure compliance. He also aids in collective bargaining negotiations with the I.A.T.S.E. Local 33 union.

Prior to joining WGAW, Emal Nessary managed the Bridge Cinema De Lux, a three-story movie theatre in Los Angeles. There, he led a staff of more than 150, provided annual employee evaluations, and interfaced with high-profile and executive patrons.

Complementing his professional experience, Emal Nessary graduated with honors with a bachelor of science in business administration from DeVry University in Long Beach, California, where he focused his coursework on the area of business information systems. He maintains proficiency in the Microsoft Office Suite and in QuarkXPress software.